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A firm at your service

The firm MULON ASSOCIES, founded by Élodie MULON is specialised in domestic and international Family Law, in patrimonial as well as extra-patrimonial areas.

Because we know of the importance of being responsive and reactive given the nature of family law proceedings, we offer you assistance and are constantly available.

We consider that the role of the Lawyer is not only limited to litigation, but aims more and more at building solutions to enable you to anticipate potential periods of crisis. This enables us to provide our clients with assistance ranging from patrimonial anticipation and anticipation of the situation of crisis, to the resolution of said crisis.

Expertise, trust, transparency, availability and attentive listening are our main concerns in accompanying you.

Competence in the service of your interests

Managing partner

Elodie Mulon

Having devoted her professional practice to patrimonial and extra-patrimonial Family Law, she is at the heart of the current developments in the field of Family law and is regularly consulted by the public authorities.

She is very active within the bodies and associations of this field, she is the President of the IDFP (French institute for Family and Heritage Law), President of the CALIF (Family Dispute Arbitration Centre), member of the Family commission of the Paris Bar Association, of the French Association of Collaborative Law Practitioners, the French National Association of Practicing Family Law Attorneys and French Law and Procedure Association.

She is also a member of international associations such as UIA (International Union of Lawyers) and IAFL (International Academy of Family Law).