Vous défendre et vous protéger
To defend
and protect you
A firm and a structure
at your service
The competence and reactivity
that you need

A firm at your service

Le cabinet MULON ASSOCIÉS, fondé par Élodie MULON a une activité reconnue en droit interne et international de la famille et des personnes tant en matière patrimoniale qu’extra-patrimoniale.

Because we know of the importance of being responsive and reactive given the nature of family law proceedings, we offer you assistance and are constantly available.

We consider that the role of the Lawyer is not only limited to litigation, but aims more and more at building solutions to enable you to anticipate potential periods of crisis. This enables us to provide our clients with assistance ranging from patrimonial anticipation and anticipation of the situation of crisis, to the resolution of said crisis.

Expertise, trust, transparency, availability and attentive listening are our main concerns in accompanying you.

Competence in the service of your interests

Managing partner

Elodie Mulon

Elodie Mulon has devoted her professional practice exclusively to patrimonial and extra-patrimonial Family Law. She is a leader in the field of Family law and she is regularly consulted by public authorities and give conferences on this subject.

She is involved in major associations in this field. She is the President of the IDFP (Institute of Family Law), the President of CALIF (Arbitration Center for Family Disputes), a member of the Family Commission of the Paris Bar, of the Association of Collaborative Practitioners, of the National Association of Family Law Practitioners and of the Law and Procedure Association.

She is also a member of international associations such as the International Association of Lawyers and the International Association of Family Lawyers. She is an expert for the Paris Bar at the Family Commission of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe. She is also in charge of training in Family Law at the Paris Bar School.

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The new judicial divorce procedure entered into force on 1 January 2021 and is applicable to all proceedings initiated as ...


The new judicial divorce procedure came into force on 1 January 2021. It is applicable to all proceedings instituted as ...