Criminal family law

The particular nature of family relations environment can lead to situations where the intensification of the leads to behaviour which constitutes an infraction, an offence or even a crime.

Among the most frequently encountered offences behind the family’s closed doors, feature for instance, non-representation of a child (not presenting the child to the parent who is entitled to see the child pursuant to a Court order), family abandonment (non-payment of maintenance), violence of any kind, harassment, taking or circulating images without consent, threats …

In addition to fines, suspended sentences or imprisonment, criminal decisions may have consequences on the family directly decided by:

  • the criminal judge: the withdrawal of parental authority, the prohibition to come into contact or to present oneself in certain places such as the place of residence
  • the Family judge or the children’s judge as the baring orders or care orders over children.

Our dual expertise in Family law and Criminal Family law allows us to reflect and determine with you a strategy that anticipates the effects of one over the other and ensures the effectiveness of the defence of your interests on all aspects, whether you are the victim or the accused.

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