Filiation and civil status

Filiation is the legal relationship between parents and their child. This relationship is essential, both for the children, as it allows them to claim their rights, and for the parents who have moral and patrimonial interests in establishing this relationship (maintenance rights, potential inheritance rights).

French law acknowledges different forms of filiation.

  • Filiation based on natural procreation: “Natural” filiation can be established in a non-contentious – maternal filiation through the birth certificate, presumption of paternity or by declaration of filiation – or contentious way.

    If you wish to establish your legal relationship with regards to a child when another legal relationship has already been established, it will first be necessary to annul the latter in court in order to be able to establish a new one. Actions relating to filiation are highly regulated: only certain people are able to exercise them and they are confined within very limited prescription periods. We undertake to accompany you through their implementation or assist you in the event where you should be a defendant to such action.
  • Adoption-based filiation: Adoption can be simple or plenary. We shall inform you about these two forms of adoption, their conditions and their implementation.
  • Filiation based on medically assisted procreation: it leads to the legal parent-child relationship being established between the child and the intended / commissioning parents to the exclusion of the establishment of any legal relationship with the third-party donor.

  • Surrogacy: French law prohibits surrogacy. However, the non-biological parent can now see his legal parent-child relationship established with the child if several conditions are met. We undertake to study your situation and advise you with the transcription in France of the birth certificate obtained abroad. The firm is particularly attentive to developments in this area.

We shall also accompany you in procedures for a change of name or first name.


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