Heritage management and estate planning

It is often essential in the interest of the family to organise the management of its assets and organise its succession. We undertake to advise you on all the financial and fiscal mechanisms to optimise each situation.

A suitable management of your property begins by the choice of your marriage regime. We shall inform you of the civil as well as fiscal differences between the different forms of union that are concubinage, civil partnership and marriage.

We shall inform you about the benefits of the joint property regime, the creation of a Société Civile Immobilière (French family property company) or even a division of ownership.

We can also recommend various estate planning techniques (wills, gifts, inter vivos distribution, bequests, change in matrimonial regime with full attribution to the surviving spouse clause, life insurance, etc.) and draw up estate plans for you in order to anticipate the transfer of your assets, taking into account tax issues.

If you reside in a country other than that of your nationality or if some of your property is located abroad, your estate will be considered as international. It is all the more necessary to plan your estate with the help of the several tools offered by the law, such as the possibility of choosing the applicable law for the succession.

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