The children

Minimising the impact of your separation on your children and finding the operating methods corresponding to their interests are major issues, both at the time of separation of the parents and in the years that follow.

This raises the crucial questions of the exercise of parental authority, the setting of conditions of residence of the children and possible child maintenance:

  • Parental authority is, for its holders, a set of rights and duties with regards to children, the other parent and third parties. It is most often carried out jointly by both parents. Exceptional circumstances may, however, lead the judge to withdraw parental authority from one of its holders.
  • The children’s residence can be fixed at the home of one of the parents or at the home of each of them alternately.

    To determine the way in which children’s lives are organised with a better understanding of the situation of your child and the family, the judge can order expert opinions, social reports or hear your children, who can, as soon as they are capable of discernment, ask to be heard.

  • Maintenance, named contribution to the maintenance and upbringing of children, is set according to the resources and responsibilities of each of the parents and the needs of the children. It is paid by the parent who owes it to the other parent or, in some cases, directly into the hands of the child who has attained the age of majority.

The firm will advise and assist you until these orders that best meet the needs of your children are put in place, either amicably or by the judge.

In situations where your children may be in danger, our availability and efficiency are at your service to determine together the best ways to protect them.


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