The international family

The increasing mobility of individuals leads them to engage in international relationships where spouses are form different nationalities, have celebrated their marriage abroad or live abroad.

The essential purpose of Private International Family law is to provide tools when the situation presents one or more international elements and it is necessary to determine the Court that has jurisdiction and the law applicable to your dispute. We can also advise or assist you on matters of recognition or enforcement of a judicial decision on the international stage.

Today, legal practitioners have to adapt to legal issues that used to be essentially internal and that are now part of an international sphere. Personal and patrimonial Family law, as well as Succession law, are thus confronted with complex issues requiring in-depth expertise in Private International law to determine the most beneficial strategy for you.

Our in-depth expertise in these areas allows us to support and advise you on a daily basis to define a legal and patrimonial strategy best suited to your personal situation.

A proficiency in foreign languages is also required. To this end, we practice in English, Spanish, Slovak (Czech), but also Portuguese, and work together with lawyers from other countries specialising in Family law. As a result, we have a competent and responsive network in Europe and around the world.


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