Vulnerable adults

A person in a situation of vulnerability resulting from age, illness, disability or an accident must be placed under protective measures. The alteration of their physical and/or mental faculties prevents them from protecting their own interests whether they are of a patrimonial or extra-patrimonial nature.

Different judicial measures, more or less reinforced depending on the physical and/or psychological state of the adult, are then conceivable such as:

  • the mandate of future protection,
  • the safeguard of justice,
  • family authorisation,
  • curatorship,
  • reinforced curatorship,
  • guardianship.

Other measures specific to spousal protection also exist:

  • the judicial authorisations between spouses: authorisation or judicial representation
  • judicial transfers of administration of own or common property between spouses

We will guide you to choose the most appropriate protection measure for your situation or that of one of your relatives and to implement the procedure related thereof.

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