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The children

Minimizing the impact of your separation on your children and finding a day-to-day organization that suit their needs are important challenges, at the time of your separation and in the years to follow. Meeting their challenges require that you be informed of your rights and obligations under the law but also that you be advised on the appropriate steps to achieve it.

The lawyers in the MULON ASSOCIES law firm assist you to solve the issues that arise when seeking to organize your children’s life, through mediation and collaborative law, when possible, and through court litigation in order for the judge to set out this frame.
The law firm will assist you notably with issues purporting to legal and/ or physical custody, visitation rights, claims for child support, as well as proceedings where the judge has deemed that an expertise was necessary to have a better understanding of your child and family’s situation.
The law firm will also assist you in cases where you are not the child’s legal parent but have lived with the child and provided for its
Please contact us if the legal situation that you are faced with regarding our child is not listed above and see how we can assist you with this matter.