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The international family

As the world is increasingly globalized, an increasing number of families are international. Family law therefore is, more often than none, faced with multinational issues and situations.

The MULON ASSOCIES law firm’s expertise in international family law enables it to:
assist its client in identifying the legal issues at stake in their situation;
helping them to negotiate agreements that will be enforceable in all the States where this will be necessary;
filing claims in order for their rights to be defended.
In order to do so, the lawyers in MULON ASSOCIES work jointly with lawyers from other States, who specialize in international family law, notably through the International Association of Family Lawyers (IAFL) of which founding partner Elodie MULON is a Fellow.
This enables us to find the best strategy to serve your needs and your situation – and make sure that you are protected not only in France, but also abroad.
The firm will therefore be able to assist you in any family-law related issue where international issues are at stake: separations, custody issues, maintenance issues and estate issues (as well as estate planning).